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Welcome to, home of Yore

In connection with my writing, publishing, and blogging, I’ve done a number of interviews over the years. If you’re interested in interviewing me, I want to hear from you — I love talking about this stuff! Drop me a line any time.

RPG Examiner interview, 2014
Misdirected Mark podcast, 2014
RPG Examiner interview, 2014
RPG Examiner interview, 2014
BrieCS: Five or So Questions, 2014
RPG Examiner interview, 2013
Dorkland! Roundtable, 2012
RPG Examiner interview, 2012
Atomic Array podcast, 2011
RPGGeek interview, 2011
Game Knight Reviews interview, 2011
The Jennisodes podcast, 2011
Fantasy Hrvatska interview, 2011
Dungeon Master Guys podcast, 2010
ENnie Awards Blog interview, 2010
Order 66 podcast (direct MP3 link), 2010
3.5 Private Sanctuary podcast, 2010
RPG Examiner interview, 2010
All Games Considered podcast, 2006
10 Questions interview, 2006
The Escapist interview, 2006
Blog Network Watch interview, 2005