I’m bisexual

I’ve decided to come out publicly as bisexual.

I realized I was bi at at 19 or 20, and came out to a handful of folks over the years, but it’s taken me until age 40 to get to this point. I didn’t think hiding part of my identity was setting a good example for my daughter, and I’m finally in a place — both mentally as a person and literally, in Seattle — where I feel comfortable being myself.

It feels beyond good to finally do this.

Out now: The Unlucky Isles

The Unlucky Isles [affiliate link], the first system-neutral guidebook for my Godsbarrow fantasy campaign setting, is now on DriveThruRPG.

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Good for you! Hiding who are can be a terrible weight to carry. I’m glad you’re in a place where you can speak up and be honest with those you love.

Is there a meaningful intersection between your last post and this one? Discuss.

Glad you’re in the right place to be comfortable with making this announcement.

The moonrises post? Not directly, no. But I guess there’s a similar impetus — don’t wait too long to do stuff, don’t take time for granted.

Thanks for your support, Matt!

Thanks! I’m still vacillating between being a bundle of numbers and being joyful about it — but mostly the latter!

Wow. I really don’t care at all. Which I’m guessing is a fairly ideal resposnse. Good for you. Now, I do care when your posting rate drops…

“I don’t care, post more often” is pretty much the opposite of ideal. If you don’t care, just move on; there are a million RPG blogs out there.

I care about you. I don’t care that you’re bi. I have no problem with you posting about being bi. I’m just saying I like your blog and can’t get enough. I hope I just communicated poorly. If not, I’ll just move along and wish you very well.

That wasn’t what I took away from your comment at all — thank you for clarifying, I appreciate it. :-)

Posting more often is a bit of a tightrope for me. On one side is burnout, which often comes from posting when I don’t really feel like it but feel obligated to do so anyway (for a variety of reasons). That was happening before I left Gnome Stew, and it’s the main reason I left.

On the other side of the tightrope is never posting at all, which is certainly much easier! It’s no less detrimental, though, because I need a creative outlet and I enjoy blogging and sharing stuff with folks who might be interested in it.

The tightrope is posting just the right amount to avoid the drop. ;-)

Sometimes that’s daily. I was on a streak some time ago where I posted every day and had a ball doing it. But I’ve had long stretches — like this one — where I post occasionally, at best, because posting more often feels like work.

Thanks for sticking with Yore during the slow times. :-)

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