My comic book pull list

Back in 2019, I started up a pull list for the first time since around 2000 (when Preacher ended and I switched to TPBs for 99% of my comic book reading). I kept track of it on YoreWiki for a couple years, but moved the list here in August 2021; I’ve never had much success building out my wiki, so this is part of a general shift to adding wiki-like content to Yore.

The pulls

This list is current as of October 11, 2021. It’s technically not a “pull list” anymore, since I read 99.99% of my comics in digital format — but my brain still thinks of subscriptions as a pull list, so here we are.

  1. Inferno (2021, Jonathan Hickman)
  2. Marauders (2019, Gerry Duggan)
  3. Superman: Son of Kal-El (2021, Tom Taylor)
  4. Wolverine (2020, Benjamin Percy)
  5. X Deaths of Wolverine (2021, Benjamin Percy)
  6. X-Men (2021, Gerry Duggan)
  7. X-Men: The Trial of Magneto (2021, Leah Williams)

I love indie comics, too, but tend to read those as TPBs rather than single issues. Ditto with manga series, most of which I read through my all-you-can-eat Shonen Jump subscription.


Due to the pandemic, I switched almost entirely from print to digital comics on March 21, 2020. This has since become my preferred way to read comics.

I took a few months off from reading American comics in 2021 (and read a ton of manga instead), and during that pause I realized that trying to keep up with 12-15 X-books a month had actually burned me out. So I caught up on and/or finished my favorite X-books (I wish your run had been longer, X-Factor!), set aside the rest, and returned with a leaner, more focused — and more manageable — pull list.