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By way of Gorgonmilk, I just stumbled across The Acaeum‘s Judges Guild Booty List, an exhaustive list of every product they’ve ever published.

It’s sortable and hyperlinked and all sorts of useful. I particularly like to see the list sorted by system, which makes it easy for me to filter out the stuff I’m currently jazzed about (all their D&D and “universal fantasy” support material) from the stuff I’m not as interested in (Traveller, etc.).

Sorting by title is a bit overwhelming. Even setting aside multiple printings, which make up a good portion of the list, holy shit did Judges Guild produce a lot of material!

When I started getting back into older editions of D&D a few years ago, I got the impression that outside of a handful of classic products, a lot of that output was of pretty mixed quality. But lately I’ve been delving deeper into the Judges Guild catalog and loving what I find there.

Judges Guild has become an important part of my enjoyment of old school D&D, which is why I’ve been posting about Judges Guild stuff here on Yore — and there’s more to come!

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