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I love Judges Guild’s Campaign Hexagon Sub-System for its flavor, random generators, and sandbox utility, and although I’ve finished rolling up sample Campaign Hexagon entries for every book in the series, I saved an “honorary member” for last: Frontier Forts of Kelnore. Hail Caesar The conceit behind these frontier forts is, basically, Rome. In the […]

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I’m almost out of Judges Guild Campaign Hexagon Sub-System books to try out, but I’ve saved one of the most fun-looking volumes for today: Temple Book I. (Curious about past entries? Check out all of the “Let’s roll up a…” posts.) Like the rest of the Campaign Hexagon books, the random tables from Temple Book […]

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The moment the other night when, while running a large DCC RPG combat, I realized that I had too many books open at once made me condense the DCC rules down to 18 pages — but it also made me want a binder to slim down my overall book load. It’s b-b-binder time! The cover […]

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The Judges Guild Campaign Hexagon Sub-System has been a hoot so far (here are all of my “Let’s roll up a…” posts), so I’ve got high hopes for Island Book I. I was a bit disappointed to see that it only has three pages of tables (fewer than Castle Book I or Book II, or […]

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Ready Ref Sheets isn’t technically part of the Judges Guild Campaign Hexagon Sub-System[1], but at least two pages of it totally should be: “Ravaged Ruins,” pages 43 and 44. Ready Ref Sheets is a Judges Guild classic, one of the oddest and most information-dense gaming books I can think of. No matter what sort of […]

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Last week, my group leveled up their DCC RPG characters and we all rolled up a Judges Guild village together. It was kind of a funky place, and it seemed pretty at odds with what the word “village” conjures up in my mind in a fantasy context, but on balance I liked it. I also […]

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I ended my extended example of using Hexmancer to generate hexcrawl terrain and features by rolling a castle. Stopping there made sense for the example, but in play I’d have grabbed Castle Book I and Castle Book II and generated the actual castle. (Or rolled up a few castles in advance, to save time at […]

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Thanks to a great question from Rogue Prismatic Golem on G+, I’ve updated Hexmancer to version 1.1. This version includes clearer language for the d24 roll, the d20 roll, and the Byways and Waterways section, plus a new logo. (The logo font is Hexatus, by Koczman B├ílint.) I also thought it would be a good […]

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I needed a simple system for procedurally generating hexcrawl terrain and features, so I made one: Hexmancer. It’s two pages long, including design notes and acknowledgements, and you get to roll funky dice. What it does Hexmancer hexcrawls with your hexes, baby! Hexmancer is designed to procedurally generate a fantasy borderlands/wilderness region in “fantasy Western […]

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My group recently voted to turn our DCC RPG funnel into the start of a campaign, and I’ve been looking at ways to transition into a “lite” hexcrawl. Along the way, I stumbled onto the Campaign Hexagon Sub-System, a Judges Guild series from the late 1970s and early ’80s. Pictured above are the five books […]

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