Published work

My 34 published credits fall into two categories: work I’ve done on products published by Engine Publishing, the small-press RPG publishing company I founded and ran from 2009-2019, and freelance work I’ve done for other companies in the RPG industry. My skill set includes writing, editing, indexing, publishing, project management, development, design, and proofreading.

I also keep track of fanzine work, playtesting, and interviews on this page, since they’re industry-related topics.

Engine Publishing

Engine Publishing logo (created by Darren Hardy)

The six books I published while I ran Engine Publishing sold over 40,000 copies worldwide, both online and in retail game stores. Publishing these books, all about a topic of deep personal interest — system-neutral GMing advice — was a fantastic experience.

Freelance work

My freelance writing for the RPG industry has run the gamut from rules to pure setting material, I’ve worked with a wide range of publishers, and I’ve never missed a deadline. If you’re interested in hiring me, I’d love to hear from you (martin at martinralya dot com).

Swordfish Islands

Paizo Publishing

Goodman Games

Necromancer Games

Tabletop Adventures

93 Games Studio

Open Game Table

E.N. Publishing

  • E.N. Guilds: Messengers’ Guild | Author, 13,000 words (2006)
  • EN World Gamer #2, “Sold! A Little System for Selling Magic Items” | Author, 2,000 words (2005)

Alea Publishing Group

Expeditious Retreat Press

Mad Kaiser Games

Sage Lore Productions

  • The Scroll #2, “Arcane Wizardry” | Author, 1,400 words (1990)

Atlas Games

  • 40 Years of Gen Con | Contributing photographer, 3 photos (2007)


The Gongfarmer’s Almanac is a non-profit DCC RPG community labor of love, and I had a great time working on this article.


Elysium Flare

In the same vein, I’ve also done a bit of credited playtesting and quite enjoyed it.


2010 ENnies blog interview

In connection with my writing, publishing, and blogging, I’ve done a number of interviews over the years. If you’re interested in interviewing me, I love talking about this stuff. Drop me a line any time.

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