My Warhammer 40k terrain

With two 40k armies underway, first my Blood Angels and then, as they approached 2,000 points, my Deathskulls Orks, I decided it was time to invest in a play surface and start building up a collection of terrain.

After doing some research into different options, I’m starting with the Battlezone: Manufactorum – Vertigus set. It includes two double-sided boards (grey moonscape/red wasteland) which look so good that GW uses them in studio shots, as well as enough awesome terrain to fill both boards. This is also plenty for taking fun pictures of my minis, which is a plus.

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A Manufactorum ruin halfway through its Praxeti White drybrush (November 2020)

A single board is a Kill Team play area. A pair is a 40k Combat Patrol or Incursion board (500 or 1,000 points, respectively). Both ways, this is plenty of terrain — and more than enough to keep me busy for some time, painting-wise. Expanding to a Strike Force-sized play area (2,000 points) would mean adding the Manufactorum: Battlefield pack (two more boards) and additional terrain, and would exceed the width of our dining table by about 4″ on each side. (Length is fine.)

My first terrain pieces, freshly coated with Wraithbone spray (November 21, 2020)

Battlezone: Manufactorum terrain color guide

I’ve never painted terrain before. Which is fine! New horizons are fun.

Blending techniques and steps from multiple Warhammer TV videos, I put together a guide that covers my painting steps and recipes for this terrain. It’s a long one!

Walls and floors finished, small details still underway (November 2020)

Spray and pray

I learned how to use brush-on primer and sealant specifically to avoid the hassles of temperature- and humidity-sensitive spray cans (which I fought with for far too long). But with areas this large, brush-painting would be a nightmare.

So I took the plunge, committed to Wraithbone spray as the combination primer and base coat — and it worked out great! I have to choose my moments, weather-wise, but with a dodgy spray both made out of a taped-up cardboard box and a decent day, it’s lovely stuff and a big time-saver.

Laying down a Wraithbone primer/base coat on some Manufactorum terrain (November 2020)

Terrain kits and pieces

Currently, all of my terrain is from GW’s Battlezone: Manufactorum line. I have enough large and small pieces to cover a Kill Team, Combat Patrol, or Incursion play area (and the boards/mats to play on at those sizes).

  • Large terrain pieces:
    • 1x Auto-choral Transmitter
    • 1x Engine Shed
    • 1x Storage Fane
    • 1x Sub-cloister
    • 1x Thermo-exchanger Shrine
  • Smaller and scatter terrain pieces:
    • 3x Munitorum Armoured Containers
    • 9x Promethium Barrels
    • 12x Supply Crates
    • 14x Thermo Pipes
  • Boards: 2x 30″x22.4″ double-sided boards (grey moonscape/red wasteland)
Brother Test-Mech, who tried out a rejected color scheme for this terrain (November 2020)