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Epidiah Ravachol posted about the Bullwinkle and Rocky RPG the other day (note: in 2014, when I first posted this on Google+), making the point (assuming I’m smart enough to have understood him correctly) that you can design the most cutting-edge game in the world but if you produce it in a context no one […]

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My copy of the Planescape Campaign Setting arrived this past weekend, and I had a chance to spend some time looking through it. My first impression is that Planescape packs a punch. What’s inside? The guts are classic 1990s TSR: four saddle-stitched books, four poster maps/thingies, and — somewhat unusually — a GM’s screen. The […]

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Planescape was one of the AD&D 2nd Edition campaign settings that passed me by while it was still in print, but I’ve been curious about it for years. I was thinking about it yesterday when an idea hit me: What would Planescape be like as an old-school, gold-for-XP sandbox? Since I don’t own it and […]

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Step 1 Remove box from shelf. Step 2 Open box. Step 3 Remove sealed bag of dice from box. Step 4 Cut open dice bag. Step 5 Remove dice. Step 6 Clean dice with soap and water to remove crayon residue. Step 7 Ink dice with Sharpie. Bonus step (optional) Realize your white paint marker […]

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