I’ve taken up the didgeridoo

If you know me well, this might be surprising — I don’t think of myself as a musical person, and I’m partly tone deaf. Prior to this, the only time I’ve ever done something musical by choice was in my sophomore year of high school, roughly 20 years ago, when I was in a Renaissance choir for a few months. And that was barely by choice, as I was doing it to spend more time with my then-girlfriend.

But the didge? The didge is neat. (This one was made by Tyler Spencer.)

So far, the only thing I’m good at is scaring the dog. But I’m making progress! I can get a drone pretty consistently, and it’s occasionally not terrible.

Playing it feels right to me. It seems to require the same relaxed-but-focused state as target shooting and, in delicate situations, hiking on mountains. I like that state, and achieving it helps me feel balanced.

It’s also a good stress reliever, which is welcome right now. I can’t always make time to spend a whole day on a mountain, but I can scare the dog for a few minutes and feel something pretty similar.

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