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Over on Against the Wicked City, Joseph Manola posted about colorful versions of classic D&D monsters — from the AD&D 1e Monster Manual. Quick, picture an ogre. What color is it? Now check out its description from the MM: The hide of ogres varies from dull blackish-brown to dead yellow. Rare specimens are a sickly […]

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I picked up Judges Guild’s Field Guide to Encounters[1] mainly because I’d heard it was full of funny monsters (think April issue of Dragon Magazine, but weirder), and because of its glorious cover. I went in expecting to enjoy the funny bits, but not find much I could actually use — but the Field Guide […]

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Back in July, I started a project with a simple goal: Read every book listed by Gary Gygax in Appendix N of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master’s Guide. I started reading Appendix N books because I wanted to gain insight into the roots of the hobby, and of D&D in particular, and kept […]

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