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I have a container fetish. Not a problem, mind you,[1] a fetish. Browsing in office supply stores is dangerous for me. When we moved to Seattle, and everything I owned became, at some point, another fucking thing to haul across the country, I threw out a box full of smaller boxes.[2] I own more dice […]

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I’ve had a chance to use my new Tom Bihn Pilot as a gaming bag twice now, and I’ve made a couple additions. I can also confirm that everything I loved about the bag when it first arrived still holds true: This is a great bag! Carrying it around has made me noticed something else […]

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I’ve been using a Timbuk2 Rogue backpack as my dedicated gaming bag for the past year or so, and as my needs have changed it’s been less and less ideal.[1] I asked for recommendations on G+ and got some great ones, but it was Jerome Comeau’s suggestion I kept coming back to: Tom Bihn. After […]

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My first game of Frostgrave is tonight, so over the weekend I spent some time setting up a sample city — “my” Frostgrave. I’ve done proofs of concept before (most of which resulted in buying more terrain), but this is the first version I really like. I spent a lot of time researching terrain and […]

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The compactness of Frostgrave, both in terms of the size of the play area and the amount of stuff you need to play, is one of the things about the game that appeals to me most. I started with none of what I needed, and went from “zero to Frostgrave” pretty quickly. As I picked […]

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One neat thing about using Pathfinder Pawns as Frostgrave miniatures is that they’re flat, and therefore easy to store. After raiding the Inner Sea Pawn Box for spellcasters and soldiers, I cracked open the NPC Codex Box and went through that one as well. While I was punching out interesting-looking pawns, I thought it would […]

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