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This list of solo RPGs over on Sophia Brandt’s excellent die heart blog is marvelous. I’ve never done any “GM emulator”-style solo roleplaying, but I’ve played my fair share of gamebooks, solo roleplaying poems, and card-driven solo story games. This list is packed with stuff I’ve never heard of, much of it free.

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I’ve never heard of a solitaire LARP before, but that’s exactly what Caitlynn Belle‘s mr. gracie used to live here offers up. What a neat idea! There’s a twist, too — and it sounds creepy as hell. Based on the game’s introduction (“don’t read ahead”), and the excellent — spoiler-free — RPGGeek review that led […]

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I hadn’t planned to enter the 200 Word RPG Challenge, but then an idea popped into my head, followed closely by another, and one spilled out of me. The Thief is a solitaire RPG that takes a few minutes to play. You need a handful of coins and possibly something to write on. The Thief […]

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A little while back game designer Jason Morningstar said this about his solitaire RPG METAL SHOWCASE 11PM: “Half solo RPG, half choose-your-path novel, half nobody has ever bought or played this and I think it is really good!” Gauntlet thrown, challenge accepted. I ordered a copy, played it, and now I’m going to talk about […]

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I’ve been curious about solo (or solitaire) board gaming for a while now, and while I recognize that it likely sounds weird to folks who aren’t into board games — and, honestly, it still seemed a bit odd even to me until I tried it — it really isn’t much different than sitting down to […]

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