mr. gracie used to live here: a solitaire LARP

I’ve never heard of a solitaire LARP before, but that’s exactly what Caitlynn Belle‘s mr. gracie used to live here offers up. What a neat idea!

There’s a twist, too — and it sounds creepy as hell.

Based on the game’s introduction (“don’t read ahead”), and the excellent — spoiler-free — RPGGeek review that led me to it, this is one it’s best to go into blind.


I think just reading the setup will tell most folks whether or not this is going to be their jam:

you will need
– the rest of the pages from this game, printed out
– a pen
– a timer
– a flashlight
– thirty minutes uninterupted time in the dark of night
– an isolated, dark building to explore, preferably one that is unfamiliar
to you, and preferably one with plenty of odd ambient noises

So: a solitaire LARP played at night, by flashlight, in an otherwise empty building. Fuck. Yes.

I haven’t played it yet, and honestly I’m new enough to Seattle that I’m not sure where I’d go to play it — yet. But I’m so in.

This ticks all of my personal boxes for weird, experimental RPGs, and I don’t get too many chances to LARP.

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