Unearthing my old BattleTech miniatures

What’s in this ancient, dusty Games Workshop thundercase?

Why, it’s full of BattleTech miniatures!

My old miniatures case

(This is a great case, by the way. I have no idea if GW makes this particular model anymore, but it’s bomb-proof and has survived at least five moves across three states over the years.)

How full?

Layer one
Layer two
Layer three

Pretty damned full.

Layer one is the legacy of my college friend — whose name, curse my memory, I cannot recall for the life of me — who was big into combined arms battles. We played with beefed-up vehicle rules, 100-ton tanks, and generally many more vehicles than mechs.

Layer three, apart from the tiny hovercraft in the bottom row, is just overflow stuff.

But layer two is the bread and butter for me (as much as I enjoy the tanks — especially the monsters). I can see a couple of minis in there that I’m actually proud of, as well as some primed mechs just waiting for the touch of the brush after all these years.

How many years? My college BattleTech days (the last time I played the game) are 20 years in my rear view mirror, but I was still painting these when I moved to Utah. I have a vivid memory of working on the big green hundred-tonner in layer two in the house my wife and I were renting when we got married, so that dates my last paint job here to around 2006 or 2007.

I recently bought a lightbox, and these are the oldest painted miniatures I own, so I’m going to get the box set up and share and evaluate some of my work in an upcoming post.

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