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Nick Abadzis‘ and Hilary Sycamore‘s Laika is meditative, thorough, and heartbreaking. Everything I knew about Laika — the first orbital space traveler, a stray dog trained and conditioned for her one-way mission — before reading this book came from her Wikipedia entry and small exhibits about her at aerospace museums. I now know a lot […]

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Our dog Charlie died today at age 17. My wife got him as a puppy, I entered the picture when he was 9, and our daughter has known him for 4 years. He fell asleep in my wife’s arms while I was on the way home, and she passed him to me to hold when […]

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My dog Charlie’s thought process when I gave him a whole hamburger on the way back from the vet: There’s a hamburger right there! I’m going to grab it! I GOT IT! Ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod there’s an ENTIRE HAMBURGER in my mouth! Wow that doesn’t fit at all! Quick eat the rest before the fat […]

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