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I mentioned S. John Ross‘ list of personal GURPS book ratings in an aside to my love letter to Warehouse 23 and Illuminati, but after using it to track down a bevy of awesome-looking books the other day, I realized it needed its own call-out post. This list is a fantastic tool (and trouble for […]

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Game designer S. John Ross recently posted two game design tidbits — more aimed at RPG evaluation than design, but applicable to either — that are just too good not to share. RRIP is — as I see it — a quick-and-dirty way to assess a game’s crunchiness, and the Videogame Rule is an axiom […]

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We moved to Seattle last year, and about 75% of my RPG collection went into storage when we got here. Shelf space went way down in the new place, so only about 250 gaming books made the cut to stay out and accessible. Two of those were GURPS books, and I don’t even play GURPS […]

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I’ve had long rulebooks on the brain lately[1], which has been making me think about S. John Ross‘ Risus RPG. Risus makes me happy. It’s also really short. How short? Here’s the first half: …and here’s the second half: Yep, Risus fits on the front and back of a single piece of 8 1/2×11 paper. […]

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