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This post is a round-up of three things that crossed my path and grabbed my attention, all RPG-related. Gygax on agreement I found this fascinating 1975 Gary Gygax quote over on The Acaeum: “Dave and I disagree on how to handle any number of things, and both of our campaigns differ from the “rules” found […]

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By way of Gorgonmilk, I just stumbled across The Acaeum‘s Judges Guild Booty List, an exhaustive list of every product they’ve ever published. It’s sortable and hyperlinked and all sorts of useful. I particularly like to see the list sorted by system, which makes it easy for me to filter out the stuff I’m currently […]

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I buy most of my gaming books online, but there’s not much of an art to finding new, in-print stuff. Old, out-of-print books, on the other hand, are fun to hunt down. There are added complications, like condition, rarity, and perceived value, that make things interesting. I collect gaming books, but I don’t collect for […]

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