WIP it good: Lorenzo and the Librarian

I decided to clump the three Termies with no helmets together so I could get through all their tiny faces at once and bring Space Hulk home with the remaining relatively simple dudes. With Lorenzo mostly base-coated last night he’s first on the chopping block.

My painting space all set up for these two

I haven’t worked with black in years, and on top of white primer I’m finding it particularly unforgiving. But his off-white interior/black exterior cape is too cool not to try to pull off.

Lorenzo’s two-tone cape (I think it’s supposed to be leather)

I tried to get the little blue line in his sword to pop, so I used a new color: Army Painter Toxic Mist.

Lorenzo fully base-coated
The Librarian’s starting point for today: a sloppy partial base coat

I’m diverging a fair amount from the photo in the rulebook on this guy. His drape is supposed to be red, but I don’t know how to make that look different from his red armor; making it white means the scroll cases need to be gold; gems are staying medium blue (they’re usually a shade of red on these guys), but I’ll actually use the right color — red — for his purity seals, since you’ll be able to see them against his blue armor.

Calling it a night on him, but more to do

No idea how the yellow tubing will turn out, and I’m going to try to use pale blue edge highlighting to on the ax blade — that should be a fun experiment. But it’s dark enough now that I’m going to miss stuff, and I still have quite a bit of detail work to finish up on him.

The rest will keep. I’m tired from staring at tiny things with intense focus, time to call it a night on painting.

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