WIP it good: Gideon and Lorenzo

Today I’ve got Brother Gideon ready for a touch-up before his wash, with Brother Lorenzo on deck to finish base-coating.

Termies 6 and 7 of 13

Washing/shading is becoming my favorite step. It’s such a simple, relaxing process and the work:payoff ratio is unbelievably good. As ever, this is when the mini starts to look like something I’ll be proud of when I’m finished.

Faces are my nemesis

He’s so scrunched into his helmet that I only had to paint like 45% of a face — what a relief!

While Gideon dries, I’m working on Lorenzo
Gideon with a literal fresh coat of varnish

I was hoping to wrap Lorenzo up today as well, but I kept getting distracted. Still, Gideon — whose shield was a blast to paint — takes me to 6/12 Termies and that feels damned good.

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