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The sidebar used to have these little banners in it (you can see that graphics aren’t my forte!)
My little banner and logo for Bleakstone

When I overhauled Yore in 2020 (the first major facelift since 2012), the sidebar went away. The only really useful thing in it was a collection of links to the site’s most popular and most-read resources, which made a good point of entry for folks new to Yore.

This is that list, largely based on popularity (as determined by site stats), with some notes about why a particular item might be of interest to you. Enjoy!

Ten things on Yore that you might like

Hexmancer (page one of two)
My truncated DCC RPG binder
  1. Hexmancer — This free two-page guide to procedurally generating fantasy hexes during play is the most popular thing I’ve created on Yore; it’s accompanied by a lengthy example as a proof of concept, but I’ve also used it myself and heard from other GMs who’ve enjoyed it over the years
  2. Green Lantern trade reading order for 2004-2013 — This was the first thing I wrote on Yore that gained real traction, and while Johns’ main collaborator on the series has turned out to be a titanic asshole there’s still value in reading these 41 TPBs in this specific order
  3. The 100-Book Appendix N Reading List — Back when I started Yore in 2012, inspired by the DCC RPG, I decided to read every book in Appendix N; I made a list, with links and notes, and it turned out to be exactly 100 books (I’ve long since abandoned the project, but the list is still useful)
  4. Great free & PWYW books on DriveThruRPG — My top 3% of the 8,000-plus free and pay-what-you-want products on DriveThru (often somewhat out of date, but still useful), because why wade through 8,000 of anything if you don’t have to?
  5. Good RPG books on Lulu — Mainly story games and old-school RPG stuff, and likely quite out of date since I’ve migrated more or less entirely to PDFs, but searching on Lulu sucks so I keep this list around
  6. DCC RPG in 18 pages — When I run DCC RPG I do it with a printout of these 18 pages, which is much faster than navigating a ~470-page tome at the table
  7. The world’s largest Jawa — My first Yore post — from 2010 — remains a perennial favorite, probably because Jawas are awesome and so is Star Wars
  8. Frank Filz’s excellent Classic Traveller character generator — This is a funny one because my post is primarily just a link to the actual generator with a mini-review and some context for why Frank’s work is so good
  9. My favorite Apocalypse World hack for Star Wars — PbtA does Star Wars really well, and Star Wars World is bar-none the best Star Wars RPG I’ve ever played
  10. Bleakstone campaign setting — I’ve since moved this to the wiki, where I started and then abandoned it again, but it’s never moved off my mental back burner entirely and there’s some cool stuff in here — including fantastic art by the late, great Steve Zieser

If you’re looking for more to explore on Yore, the category menu in the footer is a good option; another is the giant list of post tags. Happy reading!

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