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Wally West in The Flash #82, summing up my approach to GMing.[1] maximum enthusiasm combined with zero prep If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope yours is a good one. I’ll be back in a few days! [1] It doesn’t usually go like the next narration box . . .

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Thanks to Bryan Shipp over on G+, I just checked out this Gary Gygax interview from 1979 on Jon Peterson’s site — and it blew my mind. Here’s Gary on game prep: “Two to three hours per hour of play is generally what the dungeon master has to prepare with. He sits down and draws […]

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I was struggling to articulate my play style preferences last night, during a session debrief, and I kept thinking, “Didn’t I write about this on G+ like a year ago? I wish I could find that — and all those great posts that helped me figure out what I wanted in gaming, too!” What I […]

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One of the fun things about having blogged for a long time is that I sometimes remember writing something years ago and, when I do, I can just go read it again. And man has this article from my Treasure Tables days back in 2005 come full fucking circle 10 years later: I’d rather rake […]

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