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When I opened and sorted the pound of Gamescience dice I ordered from their website (here’s the listing), I didn’t notice that there were some odd dice “masquerading” as ordinary dice. At least for me, it’s hard to tell what’s on a Gamescience die until I’ve inked it — I see a decahedron, I assume […]

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I ordered a pound of dice from Gamescience the hot minute they came back in stock, and I figured I’d break it down here so folks could see what’s in the current assortment. Das basics At $55, it’s not cheap — but neither are Gamescience dice in general, and you get a lot of dice […]

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Tonight’s dice inking project: a ruby Gamescience set I found in my dice box, and a big, beautiful Armory d30 Guy Fullerton​ gave me. I used an extra-fine point Sharpie white paint marker on these. Ultra-fine point is a great size because it fits the grooves on most dice perfectly, and it’s my inking weapon […]

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I’ve discovered that if I’m careful I can de-ink — de-crayon, really — old precision-edge dice, then ink them anew with a Sharpie. My first real test of this was tonight, using the dice from my Cook Expert set. They’d been nicely crayoned years ago (by someone else), but crayon isn’t really my jam.[1] Here […]

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