Inking dice with a paint marker

Tonight’s dice inking project: a ruby Gamescience set I found in my dice box, and a big, beautiful Armory d30 Guy Fullerton​ gave me. I used an extra-fine point Sharpie white paint marker (paid link) on these.

Ultra-fine point is a great size because it fits the grooves on most dice perfectly, and it’s my inking weapon of choice. But as far as I know, Sharpie doesn’t make an ultra-fine point marker in white, and extra-fine point is as precise as it gets in the world of white paint markers.

The paint is more forgiving of slip-ups that permanent marker by virtue of being easier to wipe off, but it tends to ink around the grooves as well as inside them. I’m willing to bet a few weeks of being used, and bouncing around with other dice, will take care of that.

2 thoughts on “Inking dice with a paint marker”

  1. Roxysteve

    I’ve used toothpicks dipped in paint, and an ultra-fine point pilot dipped in paint before now, but the best success I have when recoloring dice (silver numbers don’t work well for me and some of my variegated dice need different colors on different faces to show my old man eyeballs what I just rolled) is just Liquitex medium viscosity paint, maybe slighty diluted with water but usually not, globbed on and wiped off with a paper towel. I’ve used whiteout too in extremis.

    1. Martin Ralya

      My two oldest dice were both “inked” with paint, and they’re still holding up almost 30 years on. I’m pretty sure I used a toothpick, too!

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