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WIP it good: Manufactorum terrain, more Ork Boyz, more storage

Over the past week or so I’ve been busy with Orks and terrain.

I started off my building the rest of my first 10x Ork Boyz, the “back five” of Skrudd’s Krumpas.

Boyz 6-10

I finally found a head that worked for my “pauldron as a hat” idea, which looks just the right amount of goofy for Orks.

Pauldrons: not just for shoulders
Skrudd’s Krumpas

After Thanksgiving, I saw that more sunny days might be in our future and hustled to build my next batch of Manufactorum terrain. Until I put them together I didn’t realize quite how large the two show pieces in the Vertigus box really were.

More Manufactorum terrain (and leftovers!)
My spray booth filled to capacity

After spraying all of these pieces, I’m down to three sprues in my Vertigus box: two buildings and a bunch more pipes. I’ve been mulling over ways to combine some of GW’s other industrial terrain, notably the Sector Mechanicus stuff, with my Manufactorum pieces so that they look like they belong in the same place. About half of the Mechanicus stuff looks like I could blend it in pretty well by anchoring the color scheme with Wraithbone/Khorne Red.

With terrain comes the need for more and different ways to store my 40k stuff. I thought about my needs: primarily at home, modular, capable of holding the largest pieces on my radar, not too pricey. Where that landed me was plastic storage tubs and acoustic foam.

6x 19-quart storage bins

The listing for the bins was a bit misleading, as it made it look like the bottom was 12″ wide — perfect for my 12″-wide foam squares — when in actuality that was the width of the top. But a gentle curve to the foam lining the bottom, or a quick trim, should sort that out.

12x 2″-thick acoustic foam tiles

The tiles come vacuum-packed in a foil bag that doesn’t look nearly large enough to contain them. Unpacked, they smelled dreadful. But after a couple days in the garage, they’ve expanded to full size and no longer stink.

Back to the actual terrain, my pot of Nihilakh Oxide arrived, so I got to experiment with applying a verdigris effect for the first time. Like every Citadel technical paint I’ve tried so far, this stuff is great.

Nihilakh Oxide is awesome!

Over the weekend, I finished the outside of one Manufactorum ruin (plus three smaller pieces) except for weathering. I’ve never painted terrain before, and I started with a good set; it’s been a joy to paint.

Nearly finished side wall
So close to done!

These pieces mark my first foray into contrast paint (on the Cog Mechanicus), the first time I’ve used two washes on the same area of a single model, and the first time I’ve consistently drybrushed stuff twice as well. After the crisp, polished aesthetic of my Blood Angels, painting a run-down, timeworn building has been a lot of fun.

I’m looking forward to applying blast damage with a sponge and making some rust streaks — and finishing the inside, of course.

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Blood Angels Space Marines Miniatures

My KR Multicase order arrived

I’ve used a couple different brands of miniature storage cases over the years, but never had a full-sized 40k army worth of figures to store — so I did some research while I was assembling my army list. I landed on KR Multicase, a specialty manufacturer in England, and my order arrived yesterday.

My first impression is that these cases — and the whole “system” around them — are brilliant. I’ll do a full write-up here on Yore at some point, but I’m seeing no downsides thus far. The trays are flawless and I love the level of customization they offer, and their price puts them well below some other manufacturers.

1 KRU of trays

I can almost fit 2,000 points of Blood Angels in a single “KRU” of foam trays, which in turn fit inside a 1-KRU cardboard case/box — only my obsession with large-based units spills me into a second set of trays. (My backlog will spill further than that…)

K2-B transport bag and an open KR Multicase with trays

They make hard-sided bags suitable for checking as luggage on flights, but for local hauling I went with the K2-B soft-sided bag. It holds two KRU cases, more than enough for my army.

Future painting sponges and a spare Multicase

As an added bonus, all the lovely foam from the cutouts can have a second life as 1) padding for oddly-shaped minis so they don’t bounce around too much and 2) painting sponges, as that’s a technique I’d quite like to try before too long.

More to follow! For now it’s just good to have a soft, safe home for my growing army.

Digging Yore? Check out my book!

The Unlucky Isles [affiliate link], the first system-neutral guidebook for my Godsbarrow fantasy campaign setting, is available in print and PDF.