My KR Multicase order arrived

I’ve used a couple different brands of miniature storage cases over the years, but never had a full-sized 40k army worth of figures to store — so I did some research while I was assembling my army list. I landed on KR Multicase, a specialty manufacturer in England, and my order arrived yesterday.

My first impression is that these cases — and the whole “system” around them — are brilliant. I’ll do a full write-up here on Yore at some point, but I’m seeing no downsides thus far. The trays are flawless and I love the level of customization they offer, and their price puts them well below some other manufacturers.

1 KRU of trays

I can almost fit 2,000 points of Blood Angels in a single “KRU” of foam trays, which in turn fit inside a 1-KRU cardboard case/box — only my obsession with large-based units spills me into a second set of trays. (My backlog will spill further than that…)

K2-B transport bag and an open KR Multicase with trays

They make hard-sided bags suitable for checking as luggage on flights, but for local hauling I went with the K2-B soft-sided bag. It holds two KRU cases, more than enough for my army.

Future painting sponges and a spare Multicase

As an added bonus, all the lovely foam from the cutouts can have a second life as 1) padding for oddly-shaped minis so they don’t bounce around too much and 2) painting sponges, as that’s a technique I’d quite like to try before too long.

More to follow! For now it’s just good to have a soft, safe home for my growing army.

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