And so it begins: Orks incoming

My first Ork kit, Lootas/Burnas, arrived, along with my Deathskulls and Orky paints!

Lootas, my four basing colors, and the mini-rack for my Orky paints

My main paint rack is full, so I’ve filled up my sidecar rack with Ork-specific paints.

Codex: Orks, 8th Edition

My Codex came in the mail, and I’ve had a chance to read all the parts of it that interested me most. I know I’ll need to replace it sometime in the next few months when the 9th Edition version comes out, but that’s fine; I need the lore and imagination fuel now.

I’ve also hit the point in my BattleScribe musings where I need to start firming up my initial army list. For example, I didn’t realize that Lootas, Killa Kans, Deff Dreads, and Mek Gunz were all Heavy Support units, only three of which can be fielded at Strike Force strength. I like all four of those kits, so I’d been planning to stick all four into my initial army.

So I’m noodling, trying to balance my favorite units visually against a fuzzy sense of what Deathskulls might be like to play — and deliberately trying not to learn too much about their rules, so I’ll still paint my first 2,000 points largely based on the Rule of Cool (which is my preferred approach). I’m also jotting down army notes, conversion ideas, and other details on my dedicated page for this army.

This is a fun stage of the process, and at the moment I’m only lacking the core concept for my Warboss. Once that shakes loose, things should start to click into place.

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