Putting together a proper 40k bits box

Since I started my Blood Angels army in March of this year, I’ve had bits scattered across little baggies, the boxes in which they came, other boxes…it was mess. The other night I wanted to add a couple purity seals to my Rhino before priming it, which entailed looking in like eight different places, and in the end I found only one of the three spares I had.

No more!

The bits box of DOOM

This is a Plano 3700, one of their larger boxes. It probably incorporates more dividers than actually came with it, because I have oodles of Plano boxes of various sizes scattered about the place. (I use them for everything, but especially for board game organization.)

I have bits from non-Space Marine kits for basing, plus the odd thing like Skitarii heads that I use for conversions, but essentially this whole box is for my Blood Angels. There’s no magic to my system, and it will absolutely change as I build more kits, but here’s how it’s organized at the moment (left to right):

  • Top row: helmeted heads, bare heads, winged blood drop shoulder pads, other shoulder pads, torso fronts, torso backs and backpacks
  • Second row: single arms/hands and melee weapons, Bolt Pistols and Boltguns, special and weird weapons, heavy weapons, Terminator bits, miscellany (grenades, Iron Halos, belt bling, etc.)
  • Third row: Primaris heads, Primaris single arms, Primaris bling, Primaris doodads and weapons, parts from vehicle kits
  • Bottom row: small basing debris, medium basing debris, large basing debris, actual bases

Notably absent, although I have an abundance of them, are arms. This is because they often come in pairs, so 63A goes with 63B, and the easiest way for me to not mess them up is just to leave them on their sprues in their original boxes (which I’m keeping, along with the empty sprues for future use as clutter, etc.).

Once it was all in there, I learned some things. For example, I thought I was low on BA shoulder pads and had considered buying another upgrade kit to get some more — but I have like 20 of them.

It feels good to have a proper bits box in place at last.

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