The next 1,000 points of Blood Angels

Having set my next painting goal — finish another thousand points of Blood Angels — I started thinking about what might comprise that thousand points.

Here’s what I currently have assembled as of October 27 (and in some cases, further along than that:

  • 1x Redemptor Dreadnought, Feo — 181 points (2x Storm Bolters, Onslaught Gatling Cannon, and either Macro Plasma Incinerator or Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon; points are the same for both main weapons)
  • 1x Contemptor Dreadnought, Duro — 153 points (I’m not sure I can avoid gluing his main weapon, unless I magnetize it, but the points are identical both ways)
  • 4x Sanguinary Guard, Squad Remiel — 136 points (Death Masks, 2x Encarmine Swords, 2x Encarmine Axe, 4x Angelus Boltgun)
  • 1x Sanguinary Ancient, Brother Abaoz — 85 points (Death Mask, Encarmine Sword, Angelus Boltgun)
  • 5x Primaris Infiltrators — 120 points (5x Marksman Bolt Carbine; points are the same whether they’re the back half of Squad Dolos or a new 5-man squad)

That’s 590 points right there (under 9th Edition rules), so a pretty good start.

I’ve been itching to paint a few other units, so I’ll drop them in here to get a feel for what might be good to include after the 12 models above:

  • 10x Hellblasters — 330-340 points (165 points per 5-man squad if I split them up that way; swapping the sergeant’s Bolt Pistol for a Plasma Pistol is +5 points per squad)
  • 5x Devastators — ~148 points (I haven’t delved into this kit in detail, but if I just pick my favorite weapons this is where I wind up)
  • 1x Stormtalon Gunship — 165-185 points (not sure what loadout I’d take on this one, I’m just excited to “convert” it to use the Stormhawk canopy)

Those three kits shake out around 650 points, with some fuzz factor — but even trading down to cheaper wargear they should certainly total more than 500 points. I’ve got some other kits on my radar, including a second Terminator Assault Squad (this time with 5x Lightning Claws) and a plain vanilla Tactical Squad — plus a couple of one-off kitbashes, like Captain Aphael and a Terminator Ancient.

It’s surprisingly easy to hit 500 points with three kits, especially if one’s a vehicle and one’s an elite unit. Nothing wrong with that! I’ve got some options to mull over, but my next thousand points is going to be fun to build and paint.

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