Grognard Games’ introduction to Appendix N

Martin Brown from Grognard Games produced a great short video introduction to Appendix N, the influence the works therein in had on D&D — from thieves and paladins to plane-hopping and alignment — and the inspiration those works can provide today.

It’s a bit surreal for me, though: He’s called Martin as well, and is also English, and I recognize an awful lot of the books on his shelves, but he’s handsomer than me and introduces Appendix N much better than I could. I’m also officially jealous of his bookshelves.

All that aside, you should watch this. It’s quite good.

(Thanks to Erik Tenkar of Tenkar’s Tavern for the link.)

2 thoughts on “Grognard Games’ introduction to Appendix N”

  1. Wow, this video is doing the rounds :) I’m surprised it took off so well, and it’s weird seeing my face in so many places all of a sudden! Martin, thank you very much for sharing it here and spreading the word, we appreciate it over in GrogSquad corner. You’re also welcome to browse my shelves if you ever pass the Worcester area!

    Kind regards


    1. Martin Ralya

      You’re most welcome! It’s a great intro to Gary’s fantastic reading list.

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