How not to price print + PDF bundles

When print + PDF RPG pricing is utter bullshit: a brief and salty anecdote in four parts.

1. I have enough DriveThruRPG credit to buy a game I’m interested in. By all accounts it’s a good game and I will probably like it.

2. I buy games in print, but like to also have the PDF for printing off specific sections, etc. Ideally, I want both versions.

3. The game is priced as follows:

PDF: $10
Print: $15
Both: $25

4. Nope, and also fuck you. I don’t even want your game when my credit would make it effectively free.

I strongly believe every print RPG purchase should include the PDF for free. (I’ve published six books with this model as a publisher, and I stand by it.) At a bare minimum, the PDF should be deeply discounted when bundled with print.

But full price for both? Nope, and also fuck you.

It’s not Ye Olden Days anymore. Digital is and should be an expected part of print purchases.

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