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Alex Schroeder‘s Gridmapper is a free, online dungeon mapping tool. That’s a pretty crowded space these days, but Gridmapper stands out. Gridmpapper is a fantastic mapping tool, easy enough to use that I get my ideas down as fast as possible, but not so simple that it lacks options. I’ve experimented with lots of different […]

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While I was comparing dungeon treasure stocking in B/X D&D and Labyrinth Lord, I noticed something in OD&D that surprised me: The way OD&D handles wandering monsters is delightfully unforgiving. At a glance, B/X looked pretty different in this regard, so I thought I’d compare the two. Let’s just look at level 1 in both […]

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My head’s full of Labyrinth Lord at the moment (I’m working on a megadungeon), so I’m prodding the areas where divergence from B/X D&D interest me in some way. So far I’ve looked at dungeon stocking, which is basically the same with a minor flavor difference, and dungeon doors, which aren’t the same at all. […]

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After comparing dungeon stocking in B/X D&D and Labyrinth Lord, I went hunting for a detailed list of differences between the two games. I couldn’t find one (still looking!), but I did come across a post about stuck dungeon doors by Peregrin on noting that there might be a difference there. There is one, […]

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Ready Ref Sheets isn’t technically part of the Judges Guild Campaign Hexagon Sub-System[1], but at least two pages of it totally should be: “Ravaged Ruins,” pages 43 and 44. Ready Ref Sheets is a Judges Guild classic, one of the oddest and most information-dense gaming books I can think of. No matter what sort of […]

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I love megadungeons. I’ve often thought it’d be fun to design one, but balked because I’m not sure I have the chops and because of the sheer size of the undertaking. The solution to the first part of that problem is to just try it, but what about the second, the fact that it’s a […]

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I was poking around on the Basic Fantasy forums when I came across a post by merias about how folks played OD&D, with a link to the Rythlondar Chronicles (originally uncovered and shared on Risus Monkey). I’m always interested in hearing about how gamers were playing RPGs before I got my start (in 1987), and […]

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Wayne Rossi wrote an excellent post, Clones and Rules, Inside and Out, about the apparently subtle differences between some retroclones and their sources which, in fact, produce non-subtle differences in play. Here’s an excerpt, from his comparison of OD&D dungeon stocking to Swords & Wizardry dungeon stocking: An OD&D dungeon designed according to its guidelines […]

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By way of Gorgonmilk, I just stumbled across The Acaeum‘s Judges Guild Booty List, an exhaustive list of every product they’ve ever published. It’s sortable and hyperlinked and all sorts of useful. I particularly like to see the list sorted by system, which makes it easy for me to filter out the stuff I’m currently […]

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Last week, my group leveled up their DCC RPG characters and we all rolled up a Judges Guild village together. It was kind of a funky place, and it seemed pretty at odds with what the word “village” conjures up in my mind in a fantasy context, but on balance I liked it. I also […]

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