Godsbarrow apocalypse narrowly averted

I haven’t written about the end of the world in Godsbarrow, but the entire setting — everything I’ve ever created for it that doesn’t live here, on Yore — nearly vanished today.

I woke up to a corrupted hard drive, which Windows helpfully automatically recovered for me…but without hundreds of gigs of files, including my entire PDF gaming collection and every scrap of my Godsbarrow material.

Okay, a pain in the butt, but hey: That’s why I have a cloud backup running in the background, right?


Yes, I do. And it works (I’ve tested it). But. But! Only if I configure it properly.

Guess what I wasn’t backing up? Yuuup. All of Godsbarrow, from layout files to maps to the manuscript for my second campaign guide. And all those gaming PDFs, to boot.

So I Googled, and found that in this situation files can sometimes be recovered. I identified a likely file recovery program, but balked at having to pay for it before even seeing if it would work. Found a second one which was much more confidence-inspiring (ReclaiMe), and let it spend six-plus hours quietly scanning my system. After work I bought an external HDD, because recovering files to the possibly-dying drive that broke them in the first place is, uh, apparently a bad idea.

And it worked! Godsbarrow has risen from near-death, and is now safely nestled on my external drive.

It will take many, many hours to recover the rest, but that was the most important thing that went up in a puff of electrons. Having it back is a huge relief.

Once the dust settles, I’ll back Godsbarrow up in a couple other places, run through all my cloud backup settings, and see about replacing the troubled drive.

If it’s been a little while since you last looked at your backup settings, check them now! And if you’re not backing stuff up, the best time to start is also now.

2 thoughts on “Godsbarrow apocalypse narrowly averted”

  1. So glad the recovery worked – especially since you’ve got all the layout done!

    1. Martin Ralya

      I was dreading the prospect of having to try to match my old layout! I’m a graphic design dabbler, so that might well have broken me.

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