Hate speech has no place in gaming: Stuart Robertson’s OSR logo

Stuart Robertson is right the fuck on the money with this one: As the creator of the most widely used OSR logo, he is legally withdrawing the right to use it on any works containing hate speech (as defined by Canadian law).

The thread on Google+ where he made this announcement is epic. If you have as many toxic right-wing assholes blocked as I do it will be a gap-filled but highly entertaining read. Anything that pisses off bigots is a good thing; that it’s a principled stand backed up by Stuart’s apparently infinite patience is all the more impressive.

Hate speech has no place in gaming.

2 thoughts on “Hate speech has no place in gaming: Stuart Robertson’s OSR logo”

  1. While I agree hate speech has no right to be in gaming he legally is not allowed to withdraw the symbol as he released it under Creative Commons which means he surrendered all rights to the logo.
    While I applaud him for taking a stand, I don’t think anyone is really going to listen and I still continue to see the OSR logo used on recent works.

    1. Martin Ralya

      At the time — more than two years ago — I remember that the wrinkle was related specifically to Canadian law, and it wasn’t a full withdrawal but withdrawal only for those publishing hate speech.

      But with G+ dead, and Stuart’s site giving me weird errors, I guess that stuff is lost to the mists of time.

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