My 2024 RPG collecting goal: All of Ars Magica 5th Edition

I’ve decided on a TTRPG collecting goal for 2024: I’m going to try to acquire the entire Ars Magica 5th Edition line in print.

If you happen to have any Ars Magica 5e books laying around that you’d like to part with, comment or drop me a line (martin at martinralya dot com)!

The current state of my print Ars Magica 5e collection

Out of the 165 RPGs I’ve played, Ars Magica is one of just nine I rate a 10/10. I’ve written a bit about why I love it so much here on Yore. It’s an absolutely superb game.

What got me thinking about Ars again was today’s announcement of the forthcoming Ars Magica Definitive Edition. According to the announcement, the 5e sourcebooks will be fully compatible with the Definitive Edition — which is also going to have an open license.

I’m beyond stoked for this one.

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