DM Tales highlights The Unlucky Isles

YouTuber DM Tales did a lovely highlight feature on my first Godsbarrow book, The Unlucky Isles [affiliate link], on his channel in Skipping Lunch Episode 8. The segment starts at 8:00. (I sent DM Tales a review copy.)

Screenshot of the DM Tales video Skipping Lunch Episode 8

This is the first time anyone has covered The Unlucky Isles in a video, and it was fascinating to hear DM Tales’ take on the book. The whole stream is excellent, with a gentle energy and a relaxed vibe that makes it a really fun watch.

The cover of The Unlucky Isles

DM Tales’ segment generated a couple of sales of the book, too, which is fantastic. I’m just a couple more sales away from covering my fixed costs for the book, which I’m planning to roll right into covering the fixed costs to produce The Gilded Lands: Godsbarrow Guidebook 2.

A big thank you to DM Tales for featuring The Unlucky Isles!

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