Free one-sheet time tracker for old-school fantasy RPGs

Richard LeBlanc, who produces wonderful, polished old-school resources, just published a free one-page tracker for exploration resources, and it’s glorious. (Here’s the direct download link.)

It’s set up to help you keep track of torches, time spent in the dungeon, etc. in one-turn increments, and it includes notes for 0e, B/X, and 1e. This one’s going straight in my GMing folder, and I’m tempted to laminate it for use with grease pencils/dry-erase markers.

More New Big Dragon goodness

Two of Richard’s books are on my list of Lulu recommendations, the d30 DM Companion and the truly stellar d30 Sandbox Companion. He’s also published two other supplements and a host of modules.

On top of all that, his blog, Save Vs. Dragon, is jam-packed with old-school goodness, including other free resources.

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