WIP it good: on the back 50% of Squad Karios

Even though we’ve been in isolation for three weeks now, these past couple days have felt different. Stay safe out there, everyone — and by “out there” I mean at home, if at all possible.

As ever, I fit in a bit of hobby time. With five painted in March, the rest of Squad Karios beckons. Thanks to my “soft” assembly line, they’ve both got their gold, parchment bits, and eyes done already, so last night I busted out the Abaddon Black, Rakarth Flesh for one bit I forgot, and Leadbelcher.

The heavy weapon guy is one of my favorite minis in the squad

. . . And I wrapped up around 11:00 pm having done the remaining bit of parchment and all of the black. Not much progress! But progress is progress.

One more color down

Now I just have the Leadbelcher bits and the main event, Mephiston Red on all the armor, still to go for their base coats.

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