Map of the Ice Courts, Godsbarrow’s fourth region

I’ve been more in the mood for cartography than writing, so I’ve finished — at least in draft form — the map for the Ice Courts before the region write-up is done. The Ice Courts sit just south of the Unlucky Isles and the Gilded Lands, and this region occupies two map “tiles.” (You can read about all the parts of Dormiir I’ve created so far in the Godsbarrow handbook.)

This is a land of perpetual winter, dwarves, aristocratic werewolves, and mushroom pirates. I love all of those things, so I decided it’d be fun to combine them in a single region.

The Ice Courts, as they stand on November 3, 2021

I’m about halfway done with the written portion. I wanted to see what a double-size region would feel like, giving countries a bit more real estate and adding a significant body of water — since my countries so far have been fairly small, and oceans haven’t yet been seen in their entirety.

It takes longer, no surprise there, but so far it’s been a fun approach. I might do the same thing for the region north of the Unlucky Isles, basically mirroring this approach but two tiles northwards. We shall see!

(This post is one of a series about worldbuilding with Worlds Without Number. I’m using the setting-creation approach detailed in Worlds Without Number [paid link], which is a fantastic resource.)

2 thoughts on “Map of the Ice Courts, Godsbarrow’s fourth region”

  1. Looks interesting!

    The rivers flowing into Tadlungwort seem unusual; are you sending the water here without an outlet intentionally?

    1. Martin Ralya

      Thanks! I’ll get the write-ups flowing into Yore soon (probably).

      The Kalbek flows west from the Vulkanöl Mountains into the Tadlungwort, then forks near the town of Woraus, right where Myedgrith, Ahlsheyan, and Valkenschirm come together. The southern branch remains the Kalbek, while the western fork is the Tuk Bal.

      One downside to the double-sized map is that the river names are super, super tiny!

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