I spent a good chunk of today installing, configuring, and populating YoreWiki.

For now, YoreWiki is my info dumping ground for Bleakstone and other fantasy hexcrawl material. I realized that my false starts and brainstorming files and “master” documents were scattered across multiple folders and Yore draft posts, which made it impossible to find anything and exerted a measure of anti-creativity inertia that I found troubling.

My hope is that YoreWiki will give me an outlet to organize, interrelate, and add to my content for Bleakstone — ideally without feeling like work.

It’s already given me a chance to unearth, organize (in some cases!), and share a ton of stuff I’ve already created that was just gathering virtual dust and of no use to anyone — myself included. Now those ideas have a home.

4 thoughts on “YoreWiki”

    1. Martin Ralya

      Thanks! It’s rough around the edges, as I’ve only begun working on it today.

      I just wrapped up adding the PCs for a solo Traveller (Cepheus) campaign to it — something I wasn’t expecting to use the wiki for, but which turns out to be a dandy option.

  1. In light of some recent news that I won’t go into here; it is great that excellent human beings are calmly, quietly putting out great stuff and still being capital individuals. You and Alex S. are my True North of what is left of the OSR.

    Bookmarking this!

    1. Martin Ralya

      Thanks, PresGas!

      I’m still digesting today’s news. The news is awful, and while I’m not surprised to find more evidence that an asshole is an asshole, I never imagined anything like this.

      I distanced myself from the OSR a couple months back, after people came out of the woodwork to complain about Stuart Robertson’s removal of the right to use his iconic OSR logo on products containing hate speech.

      I scrubbed the category from Yore (switching it to “old school”) and don’t use “OSR” to describe my work. There are just too many problematic people in, and being protected by others in, the OSR space for me to feel comfortable associating myself with the movement.

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