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A spiffy online Classic Traveller character generator

This Classic Traveller character generator on Devil Ghost is a hoot. The visuals are a perfect match for Traveller, and it couldn’t be easier to use: just refresh to get a new character.[1]

Here’s my favorite character I’ve rolled up so far:

Just look at this dude: he spent five terms — 20 years — in the military, working his way steadily up to the rank of colonel, and has the mustering-out benefits of someone who was a very successful soldier. But what interests me most is one skill in particular: Dagger-3.

Dagger-1 is a professional knife fighter, or equivalent. Like if there’s a job that involves knifey stuff, you can get hired to do that job with Dagger-1.

Dagger-2 is an elite knife fighter. This is someone with special skills, who stands out even among skilled knife fighters.

But Dagger-3? Dagger-3 is a fucking ninja assassin. And in his 20 years in the service, that must be what Colonel Wang spent the most time doing.

Why? What kinds of missions did he undertake? How did they shape him as a person? Who is he today, mustering out at 38 with the means to travel the galaxy?

I had some ideas the moment I scanned his character sheet, and I bet you did too. That’s why I love Classic Traveller‘s minimalist characters and delightfully random character creation.

[1] I do wish there was a permalink for each character, but I don’t know enough about programming to know if that might be difficult to produce.

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I do love the Classic Traveller conceit of ‘skill of 1 is employable’. So like an NPC soldier would have Rifle-1 or SMG-1. Pilot-1 is enough to get a pretty good, steady job.

And Dagger-3 is basically someone who has probably killed a person wearing power armor with just a knife and (maybe) the element of surprise. I’ve heard of a character with Cutlass-5, which would be like the Inigo Montoya of cutlass use.

Cutlass-5 is insane! Playing around with generators, Wang’s Dagger-3 is the highest skill I’ve seen so far.

After several clicks with some cheating options on, I got this bad dude:

URL Parms: history=verbose&hunt=skill&skill=Gun&level=7&cascade=skip&maxcash=0

Army General Malika Tamm 9B5979 Age 46
7 terms Cr0

Skills: Blade-1, Fwd Obsvr-1, Gambling-1, Gun-9, Rifle-1, SMG-1, Tactics-2

Benefits: 8,000/yr Retirement Pay, Gun, High Passage, High Passage

So that could be either Rifle-10 or SMG-10, either of which he gets +2 DM for Advantageous Dexterity. Even at very long range he nets a +5 against Battle Dress with a Rifle… (i.e. he only fails to hit on a 2…).

I’ve been using that CharGen for several years for NPCs.
I copy and paste to my word processing program, have several multipage documents of these NPCs.

Nice! I’ve got a little Cepheus Solo campaign going, and generating my party randomly was a ton of fun — and has led to plenty of surprises.

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