Now on sale: The Unlucky Isles, Godsbarrow Guidebook 1

The book I’ve been working on since July is now available! You can buy The Unlucky Isles [affiliate link] from DriveThruRPG.

If you purchase the PDF now, I’ll send you a discount code that reduces the price of the print-on-demand version by the full cost of the PDF once POD is available.

The cover of The Unlucky Isles, Godsbarrow Guidebook 1

Large, high-resolution map

The standalone map of the Unlucky Isles region is also available as a PWYW product, and while it’s included in the book you should snag this version as well because it’s much larger (as it doesn’t have to fit on a page): The Unlucky Isles Region Map [affiliate link].

Print is coming

I’ve submitted the files for the print on demand version of the book, but it will probably be a little while until that’s available. The printer has to process them and then mail me a proof copy, and then if that proof looks good I can turn on the POD option; if it needs changes, that adds another cycle of approvals to the timeline.

Thank you!

When I first started working on Godsbarrow back in March of 2021, there was no guarantee this day would come. But after more than a year and a half on working on Godsbarrow every single day, and running an ongoing campaign in the setting, I love this place even more now than I did when I started writing about it.

Getting to this point, where I feel comfortable sharing my first campaign setting in published format, has been a long, fun road. If you wind up picking up The Unlucky Isles [affiliate link], thank you so much for your support!

4 thoughts on “Now on sale: The Unlucky Isles, Godsbarrow Guidebook 1”

  1. Matthew Neagley

    Hey Martin! Bought my copy. I must say this is fantastic! It’s creative and weird in places and your design notes are fascinating. The efforts to be inclusive are appreciated and really help make the setting distinct. The only complaint I have is that you’ve set the bar for “homebrew campaign” damn high. ;)

    1. Martin Ralya

      Thank you so much for picking it up, Matt! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it.

  2. Looks so cool. Looking forward to sit down with the pdf. Really enjoyed reading about your world building process as well.

    1. Martin Ralya

      Thanks for snagging a copy! I hope you enjoy it.

      I love design notes in RPG books, and it was a ton of fun writing the ones in The Unlucky Isles.

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